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Registration Types

You can register for all classes by clicking the registration button or visiting your parent portal. Class passes and Drop-ins can also be purchased in your parent portal.

Tuition based

Our Creative movement, Combo classes, Beginning level classes, and Intermediate level classes must be paid using monthly tuition. Our Adv classes can be paid with monthly tuition, but can also be paid for with Class Passes or Drop In rates.

Class Pass


Our Adv and Int/Adv classes can also be paid for with our drop in rate. This is for dancers who cannot come to class on a regular basis, but want to attend class when they can. Drop-ins can be purchased in your parent portal.

*All dancers must be registered and a parent portal created in order to attend class.

Something new for our Drill team dancers! Class passes can be purchased to be used throughout the year on any Adv or Int/Adv level class. How it works: You buy a class pass, then when your dancer attends a class, a class will be removed from their pass. When they are out of classes on their pass, you buy a new pass.

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